From the copper bar to the most sophisticated copper component,

(flat, round, square copper bars, profiles and components…)

a global solution to your copper element projects

Total mastery of the copper industrial process.
Technical excellence, skill, reliability and flexibility are the four points of commitment running throughout a copper process that brings together raw material, metallurgy, industrial components and distribution. The Gindre network complies with the UL and ISO standards, and the RoHS and Reach regulations.

Long runs or short runs… An organization capable of global and local solutions.
For more effectiveness, the French Group has globalized its production and services and centralized all the administrative and accounting procedures. The aim is to help customers concentrate on their competitiveness with reduced costs and rationalized supplies

Throughout the world… A commercial involvement to accompany copper projects.
For best possible response to the constant development requirements of organisations, teams of travelling and office-based sales people are dedicated to each area of the world. They monitor projects from the design phase right up to delivery, providing an effective link between the demands of industry and the talents of the engineers and technicians. With their great experience and skills as professionals working with copper, they all work together to guarantee the quality of products and services.

Gindre the world-wide specialist copper conductor manufacturer is producing and delivering copper bar (flat copper bar, round copper bar, square copper bar, hexagonal copper bar), copper extruded shape, flexible insulated copper bus bar and copper components.